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http://www.expobioenergia.com/docs/gc_accesos/img/7IJLXiptxy.jpg (http://www.expobioenergia.com/rdr.php?cat=147&sh=1&idiomaCh=uk)
Expobioenergia'08 (http://www.expobioenergia.com/rdr.php?cat=147&sh=1&idiomaCh=uk)

Online registration (http://www.expobioenergia.com/rins/inspager.php): http://www.expobioenergia.com/rins/inspager.php (http://www.expobioenergia.com/rins/inspager.php)

The third edition of the international fair specialising in bioenergy, is one of the most important events at international level and it will be held in Valladolid from 16 to 18 October 2008. (http://www.expobioenergia.com/rdr.php?cat=147&sh=1&idiomaCh=uk)

Expobioenergía’08, the third edition of the international fair specialising in bioenergy, is one of the most important events at international level and it will be held in Valladolid from 16 to 18 October 2008.

The success of the first and second editions has made Expobioenergía a unique meeting place in the bioenergy industry and a point of reference at international level.

Expobioenergía’08 has already established itself as an essential date in the diary and offers exhibitors and visitors alike:

A high level of specialisation
An eminently practical approach
A ‘fair with machinery in operation’, a far cry from the typical ‘catalogue fair’
Business opportunities
Opening up to an international market
Personal treatment

Expobioenergía’08 offers a range of activities that will take place while the fair is on and which will have the following programme:

3erd International Bioenergy Congreso
2nd edition of the ‘Activa Bioenergy’ business workshop: Companies from Europe and Latin America
Professional demonstrations at the fair site
Forestry demonstrations and professional visits to facilities for the production and use of biofuels
Series of specific work sessions:BIOPAC, BIOMUN…
3erd Technological Innovation Awards

Technical Characteristics

http://www.expobioenergia.com/docs/gc_fichas/img/cHya0NzlBT.jpg (http://www.expobioenergia.com/docs/gc_fichas/img/cHya0NzlBT.jpg)

Feria Internacional de Bioenergía
(International Bioenergy Fair)

Exhibition dates

16th to 18th October 2008

Opening times
9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Valladolid Fair Site, Av. Ramón Pradera s/n. 47009 Valladolid. Spain.




Agricultural and forestry exploitation
Domestic heating
Industrial heat and energy
Bioenergetic services
Organised by

Avebiom and Cesefor

Sponsored by

Junta de Castilla y León
Itacyl, Eren, Valoriza Energía
Supplementary activities

III International Bioenergy Congress
II edition of the ‘Active Bioenergy’ business workshop: Companies from Europe and Latin America
Machinery demonstrations
Professional visits
Forestry biomass exploitation demonstrations
III Technical Innovation Awards
Results 2006

Floor space: 4.000 m2

Nº Exhibitors: 150 brands and companies

Countries represented: Germany, Austria, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Italy and Portugal

Professional visitors: 5.000

Results 2007

Floor space: 15.000 m2

Nº Exhibitors: 300 brands and companies

Countries represented: Austria, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Workshop ‘Active Bioenergy’: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, and Dominican Republic.

Professional visitors: 9.266

Goals 2008

Floor space: 18.000 m2

Nº Exhibitors: 360 brands and companies

Countries represented: Over 30 countries

Professional visitors: 12.000

Who exhibits


Agricultural Energetic Crops; woody biomass, agrofuels.
Producers and distributors of agricultural and forestry biomass.
Technology and machinery in exploitation of biomass.
Producers and distributors of biofuels, biogas.
Automobiles with biofuels.
Pellet production plants

Large-scale energy production.
Cogeneration: Heat and electricity.
Electrical generation industrial equipment.
Industrial boilers.
Domestic boilers.
Heaters, hearths.
Turnkey biomass plants.

Transport, storage, logistics.
Turnkey services.
Technological centres.
SustainableBuilders and developers.

Agricultural organizations.
Energy Agencies.
Specialist press.
Investors and financial entities.

http://www.expobioenergia.com/docs/gc_fichas/img/AFIJTYntuv.jpg (http://www.expobioenergia.com/docs/gc_fichas/img/AFIJTYntuv.jpg)

Expobioenergía’08 is the fair which represents the entire bioenergy value chain.

When the exhibitors were given the opportunity to evaluate their reasons for attending Expobioenergía’07, they maintained that:

“To sell and make contacts with professional clients in the sector”
“To promote and stimulate both Bioenergy and the sector”
“To increase the profile of their brand or company”
were the most important for them.

The factors highlighted by the exhibitors in the survey as important were:

“The standard of professional visitors”
The “highly technological content” exhibited
The “numbers attending”
“The organisation in general”
The “important coverage of the fair in the mass media” was shown as another of the attractions for attending Expobioenergía, according to statements from professional exhibitors and visitors.

Another aspect which is highly valued by exhibitors is the personalised care they received, leading to them showing a high level of satisfaction with the organisation. The favourable response has persuaded the organisers of Expobioenergía to further improve the services to be offered to exhibitors.

Workshop 'Bioenergia Activa'

http://www.expobioenergia.com/docs/gc_fichas/img/27BEHQVYfs.jpg (http://www.expobioenergia.com/docs/gc_fichas/img/27BEHQVYfs.jpg)'Active Bioenergy, A Bridge between Latin America and Europe' – II Business Workshop, organised by Expobioenergía’08, to promote new opportunities on the bioenergy market.

Expobioenergía’08 will host the II ‘Active Bioenergy’ Business Workshop, where businesses from the bioenergy sector in Europe and Latin America will meet to establish commercial agreements and exchange experiences.

All companies registering for the fair will be entitled to attend the business sessions and professional visits, and be given a guided visit of the fair.

Contact: workshop@expobioenergia.com (workshop@expobioenergia.com)


City map

http://www.expobioenergia.com/imagenes/plano3_en.gif Detailed map


http://www.expobioenergia.com/imagenes/pdf.gif City map
Trips & Bookings

Official Travel Agency

http://www.expobioenergia.com/imagenes/logo_expoviajes.gif (http://www.expo-viajes.com/)The organisers of Expobioenergía'08 would like to help you reach the city and the fair site. For any questions regarding your trip to the fair, contact Expo-viajes, the Official Agency of Expobioenergía'08.

Person to contact: Javier Arberas
Tel.: 0034 945 20 00 00
Fax: 0034 945 24 24 24
info@expo-viajes.com // www.expo-viajes.com

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