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08-13-2008, 06:38 PM
Trade Show/Exhibition Date: Nov. 5-8, 2008 Venue: Expo Centre, Rimini Location: Rimini, Italy
Now at its 12th edition, Ecomondo has strengthened the original project - Ricicla - by in-depth coverage of the numerous issues linked with the concept of 'environmental sustainability'. The successful result has been that of bringing together in one specialized qualified space the major sectors and markets involved: the complete waste cycle, water and contaminated sites, air and soil quality, urban environment quality, risk and safety for the population. Ecomondo has therefore confirmed its role as the leading event that best brings together the environment and the market.

The past successes were the result of constant networking with all those involved in the environment system on an everyday basis. It is thanks to the motivation and enthusiasm of those who worked along with us - associations, companies, consortia and institutions - that the last ten years have passed and with the same passion we shall continue our attempts to achieve even more ambitious goals. The route is now set by the industrialization of the environment, a global approach increasingly dedicated to man and his concrete actions, almost like 'Instructions for use'.

DI - MOSTRA: demo areas and specific layouts for each expo section, with a special focus on:
- waste handling and recycling, in particular from construction and demolition (Hall C7);
- WEEE: informative layouts on the new system for the collection and recovery of waste electrical and electronic equipment (Hall A7C7)
- biological waste treatment with adjacent exhibition dedicated to companies certified with the 'Compost Quality' mark (Hall A1) and composting, efficient energy, sustainable mobility and air quality.
- exhibition/workshop for the direct testing of instruments for environmental analysis (Hall A7)
- a layout simulating a sample sustainable energy district, which from the agro-industrial cycle passes to exemplifying the concepts of energy saving and efficiency in tourist facility construction, commerce, manufacturing and P.A., considering distributed generation and cogeneration (Hall D1)
- sustainable mobility with a demo area for testing electric bicycles, scooters and other vehicles (Hall D1)
- exhibition dedicated to hydrogen technologies (Hall D1)

SMEs and energy - generators of efficiency: An initiative for the European project 'Energia Intelligente per le PMI' (Intelligent Energy for SMEs), jointly promoted by Confagricoltura, Confapi, Confartiginato, CNA, Confcommercio and Confesercenti to develop the potential of systems that privilege efficient energy, distributed generation and production of energy from renewable sources. Worthy of note is the 2nd international FORUM and the presentation of innovative business and technical solutions in the various manufacturing sectors.

Sustainability Showcase: on show for the first time at Rimini, an example of products, services, projects, ideas and manufacturing processes on good sustainability practices promoted by the Emilia Romagna Regional Government.

Ecofatto: the second edition of Europe’s only show on the best products for everyday use designed and made in respect of the environment and its natural resources, with the use of recycled materials.

International conference on reclamation: a workshop of the European Concertation Action 'Eurodemo' (VI FP) project, entirely dedicated to the presentation and comparison of the best strategies and technologies for the reclamation of contaminated sites validated in a European context. A Rimini exclusive.

Network project on renewable energy sources: the initiative is organized by the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad (in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Argentina, Brazil). The project takes the form of a Conference for the presentation of the situations in the countries that are part of the network, in a dedicated expo area with seminars at which the manufacturers of technology present themselves and their product and, lastly, a 'contact exchange' intended to set up cooperation deals and exchanges of experience between companies.
GPP Green Public Procurement as a driving force for exploiting corporate culture permeated with a sense of social and environmental responsibility that recognizes integrated product policy as the key for re-orientating the production of goods and service aimed at satisfying more sensitive aware consumers.
• The key role of Clean Energy in response to the challenge of climatic and the petrol crises
• Clean air for a cleaner Europe, a section highlighting the most advanced systems and devices for monitoring atmospheric pollution
• Sustainable urban management connected with sustainable transport, construction, fuel and design
• The challenge of Regional and local governments and Institutions, a unique showcase dedicated to local authorities’ policies on environmental issues.
70.000 sq.m. of exhibits
• 900 companies from over 20 countries
• 45.146 visitors (+1,2% on 2004 figures) from 50 countries
• 211 international business meetings
• 285 accredited journalists
• 80 specialist magazines
• 113 meetings, forums and events
• 230 technical-scientific papers
• 620 writers
• 7.500 conference and event participants
• 20 exhibitor workshops


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08-14-2008, 07:51 AM
I've been to Ecomondo and it certainly represents the best option as far as Waste to Energy is concerned. Well worth the visit and many companies to speak to about the new range of products.