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  1. First Conferences
  2. Solar Power 2008
  3. PVJapan 2008
  4. New World Record For Efficiency For Solar Cells; Inexpensive To Manufacture
  5. Trina Solar Renews Partnership with Enerpoint in Italy
  6. Sun shines on Greece’s energy makeover
  7. U.S. Scientists Set a New Solar Cell Efficiency Record of 40.8%
  8. GM's Rancho Cucamonga Solar Power
  9. Is Solar Power Heating Up?
  10. Silicon Saves Suntech
  11. Research institutes
  12. Photovoltaic companies
  13. Environmental impacts
  14. Economics of pv
  15. Germany’s key to green energy
  16. New rays of hope for solar power’s future
  17. Masdar Breaks Ground on Photovoltaic Factory in Germany
  18. Plans to construct solar power plant in Beijing, China
  19. Solar power revives village's economy
  20. Kyushu Electric says to build solar power plant
  21. Spinoff of Evergreen Solar seeks $736M for expansion
  22. Nanosolar raises $300 million for thin-film solar
  23. AVA Solar Completes $104 Million Equity Financing
  24. Solar power struggle
  25. Apollo Solar Awarded $4.1M Contract
  26. U.S. pledges aid in making S.D. shine in solar-powered program
  27. ET Solar Group Announces a 50MW Turnkey Solution Agreement with Wattner AG
  28. Suntech Solar Panels to Power The North Face 1MW Solar System
  29. The Saudi Arabia of Solar Energy
  30. Spain Building Massive 18 MW High Elevation Solar Power Plant
  31. Demand for solar panels exceeds supply
  32. Solar energy can meet all the world's energy demands
  33. Feed In Tariffs for Solar Power
  34. 3M hopes fortune will shine on new renewable energy unit
  35. Korea gears up for solar market
  36. Germany's Conergy in talks on ownership of solar factory
  37. Germany, Korea eclipse California in solar
  38. Solar Energy Is Up - But Wind Power Is Also Surging
  39. U researchers find method to cut costs of solar power
  40. Evergreen Solar tied to Lehman
  41. European solar thermal industry chooses Munich
  42. US Renewables Group Partners With Citi, Credit Suisse on $140MM Solar Investment
  43. The Home of the Future Is Here Today!
  44. Manufacturing prosperity
  45. DOE funds 15 new solar power storage and heat transfer projects
  46. Xantrex™ launches new off-grid solar and backup power systems and solar power monitor
  47. Senate OKs higher oil taxes to fund renewable energy incentives
  48. Shadow over solar power removed
  49. Spain eases plan to slash subsidy for solar power
  50. Spray-On Solar-Power Cells
  51. Solar Power - Spain
  52. Space Based Solar Power
  53. Sunlight Turn Into Solar Power
  54. Good Energy - Solar Power at Home
  55. Oerlikon Solar
  56. Sharp Solar
  57. Yingli Solar
  58. Africa awash in sunlight, but not solar energy
  59. China's Suntech solar plans to triple US sales
  60. Solar Market to Hit $100B By 2013, But
  61. Photovoltaics Emerge as Fastest Growing GaAs Market
  62. Sharp Plans to Raise Capacity of Thin-Film Solar Cells Sixfold
  63. Yingli Green Energy's Principal Operating Subsidiary Named
  64. Alternative energy: Following the sun
  65. Spire Recognized as One of the Fastest-Growing Public Companies in Massachusetts
  66. Green Energy Boom In Bailout Bill
  67. AEE Solar and Schott Solar signs multi-year contract
  68. Inside Secretive New Solar-Tech Factory
  69. Hope for a Solar Future
  70. Xunlight finds market for photovoltaics in Europe
  71. World Future Energy Summit 2009
  72. A Global Solar Photovoltaic Market Report for 2008
  73. Q.Cells focuses on efficiency
  74. centrotherm photovoltaics awarded follow-on polysilicon plant contract
  75. Applied Materials, Governor Cut Ribbon on 2-Megawatt Solar Power System
  76. Solar and other clean-technologies are a bright spot in dark economy
  77. Solar Power International '08 Begins in San Diego
  78. Solar industry sees bright days ahead
  79. After oil: The future of energy
  80. ShopRite of Wharton Announces a 358 KiloWatt Solar System Installation
  81. Mideast's largest solar plant to be built
  82. M+W Zander wins contract for new complex in Singapore
  83. Introduction to Solar Photovoltaics
  84. Dave Holland: Commericalizing Concentrated Photovoltaics
  85. Solar Star: Nicole Kuepper
  86. Sixtron Appoints Bates Marshall as Vice President, Sales and Marketing
  87. Germany's largest thin-film pitched roof system goes into operation
  88. Austin embraces solar energy market
  89. Company brings solar power to remote locales
  90. Solar EnerTech finishes second 25-MW solar PV cell production line
  91. North Carolina companies collaborate for first large-scale solar energy project
  92. Solar Cells and Modules Market Worth $40.7 Billion in 2012
  93. Universities receive $8.9M grant for PV research
  94. Hybrid Materials For Future Solar Cells Under Development
  95. Suniva Begins Production of High Efficiency Solar Cells
  96. Newport aims to ride out the storm
  97. Fronius International GmbH
  98. Germany urges Obama to give world new "green" deal
  99. Yingli Green Energy Subsidiary Signs Supplemental Long Term Credit Facility Agreement
  100. Evergreen Solar files suit against Lehman Bros
  101. EU to cover 70% of the expenses on solar energy projects in Bulgaria
  102. Leading Countries in PV Industry
  103. NanoGram Corporation and Tokyo Electron, Ltd. Enter Thin-Film Photovoltaics JDA
  104. The sun rises slowly for Australian solar
  105. IMEC and Panasonic Sign Comprehensive Joint Research Contract
  106. Challenges Ahead For Obama's Energy Plan
  107. New Research Expected To Make Photovoltaics More Efficient
  108. Dynegy putting solar to the test
  109. Report 'Thin-Film, Organic and Printable Photovoltaics: 2007-2015'
  110. Sellers Market for PV Raw Materials to Shift in Buyers Favor in 2009, Says iSuppli
  111. BP Solar to Shut Sydney Production Plant to Cut Costs
  112. Global PV market 'to grow 48pc till 2012'
  113. SCHOTT Solar, Merck Lead Organic Solar Photovoltaics Consortium
  114. Concentrated Photovoltaics Leaders Meet in San Diego
  115. Converting Sunlight Into Electricity: European Project Breaks Efficiency Record
  116. JA Solar and BP Alternative Energy to Tea Up on Solar Photovoltaics
  117. Nanotechnology 'will boost photovoltaics'
  118. EMCORE Deploys First Concentrator Solar Photovoltaic System in China with the XinAo G
  119. Apollo Solar Energy Inc. Announces Completion of Phase I Solar Photovoltaic Industry
  120. Solar company announces bid for General Motors subsidiary Opel
  121. Sunrise Consulting Group Inc. Prepares to Move Quickly into Huge and Growing Solar En
  122. Photovoltaics Summit 2009 global effort for alternative energy
  123. Europe's FULLSPECTRUM project breaks solar power conversion record
  124. Households to be paid for solar power
  125. SunPower Completes 18-Megawatt Olivenza Solar Power Plant in Badajoz, Spain
  126. New solar towers in southern Spain
  127. Pv rome mediterranean 2009
  128. Pre-Budget report: 'Government should do more on green energy'
  129. Los Angeles mayor pitches solar power plan
  130. NanoMarkets Announces Updates on Thin-Film Photovoltaics Materials and Modules Market
  131. Solar 'leaf' uses photosynthesis on gold
  132. 200-MW solar power plant on the cards
  133. Chip maker promises to bolster energy from shaded solar panels
  134. CPS Energy expects to sign solar-power partner by 2009
  135. Vatican installs huge solar panel energy system
  136. Sharp, Enel to invest in $2.6 billion Italy solar venture
  137. Voluntary Carbon Markets USA
  138. University, manufacturer complete test of new solar power system
  139. Future still sunny for solar power: NexPower VP
  140. 18-Megawatt Solar Electric Power Plant For Spain
  141. Hands-free cleaning for solar panels
  142. U.S. researchers closer to creating new solar cells
  143. Phoenix Firm Targets Electric Utilities and Solar Energy Vendors Worldwide
  144. ICP Solar Wins Business in Africa
  145. The Solar Industry Gains Ground – And Goes Global
  146. Edison's rooftop solar project powers up
  147. Lockheed Martin Solar Power Testbed Will Foster Technology and Production Innovation
  148. Trina Solar to open offices in San Francisco to strengthen presence in US market
  149. Photovoltaic panels need to be designed to reflect less heat
  150. Essex firm secures major solar deal in sunny Spain
  151. Ascent Solar Achieves Significant Efficiency Milestone
  152. Solar-energy firm is solar-powered
  153. China's largest grid-connected solar power photovoltaic power station starts construc
  154. Spire has been Awarded a $54 Million Contract to Supply Solar Cells to the Federal Co
  155. Chinese PV pioneer helps build Israel's biggest solar power station
  156. China builds 166 MW on-grid solar PV demon project in Yunnan
  157. Centrosolar Opens 150-MW German Factory
  158. China's largest grid-connected solar power photovoltaic power station starts construc
  159. Polysilicon glut promises 2009 fall in solar panel prices
  160. SunPower to Build Largest Solar Power Tracking System in Australia
  161. Melbourne, Victoria - Revolutionary Solar Panel Hits Australian Market
  162. Wal-Mart and SunPower Announce Solar Power on Central Valley Store
  163. Greek Power Plant to Use New Solar Technology
  164. Taiwan govt offers assistance to photovoltaics industry
  165. Hemlock Semiconductor plans up to $1.2B Michigan investment
  166. Europe's Photovoltaic Worth EUR 14 Billion a Year
  167. Newport Corporation
  168. PLG Power inaugurates 50 MW solar power plant in Nashik
  169. Spanish solar power stations protected by Geutebruck
  170. California, USA - Wiggins’ bill encourages solar power
  171. Breakthrough Solar Dye Coating Converts Glass Windows Into Solar Power Plants
  172. 'India will have to reduce energy consumption by 20%’
  173. Sopogy, Inypsa, and Omniwatt Announce 50 Megawatt MicroCSP Solar Power Plant in Toled
  174. China's first grid-connected solar power station in desert enters operation
  175. Italian photovoltaic startup to raise capital to fund growth
  176. UK - £7m boost to solar photovoltaic sector in
  177. Solar-power industry remains hot in California
  178. World's biggest solar power tower to open in Spain
  179. Taiwan Power to invest NT$3.57 billion in solar power
  180. Solar Power, Inc. places 60MW solar cell order with JA Solar
  181. China's Largest Solar Power Station To Be In Qinghai
  182. Toshiba goes solar
  183. First Solar Energy Plant Completed in Iran
  184. Ohio grant program encourages solar power
  185. Hawaii solar power farm has been completed
  186. Big solar power plant planned for northwest China
  187. Suntech Boasts 1GW Capacity Amid Tough Times for Solar Market
  188. Guangdong Solar Power Base to Receive RMB 3B Investment
  189. Spire Enters into Contract with Solaria Energia of Spain for 100MW Production Line
  190. Suntech has signed a solar roof membrane licensing deal with Open Energy
  191. Solar Power Partners brings 19 New Solar Energy Facilities into Commercial Operation
  192. All-in-One Solar Panels and Solar Thermal
  193. Solar power to be an important energy source in China around 2050
  194. Starwood Energy buys stake in N.J. solar power firm
  195. Sun rises on new solar institute
  196. REC to supply LG Electronics with US$340 million worth of multicrystalline silicon wa
  197. Freiburg, Germany: Fraunhofer Institute Achieves 41.1% Solar Cell Efficiency
  198. Solar energy credits in state double from last year
  199. WASHINGTON, (Reuters) - $825 billion economic stimulus package unveiled by Democrats
  200. LG Electronics embraces solar power
  201. Suntech Solar Panels to Power Largest PV Solar Project in the Middle East
  202. Financial crisis means time has come for renewables
  203. Tata Power signs MoU with Gujarat Govt to set up power plants
  204. Antarctic bases turn to renewables - even solar
  205. 171 Million Euros Secured to Fund Gemasolar
  206. Credit Suisse Estimates Global Energy Demand Expected to Increase 50% by 2030
  207. Project's solar panels could power apartments
  208. Moser Baer’s Thin Film Line Ready for Production of Ultra-Large Solar Modules
  209. FPL plans solar array in Manatee
  210. Evolution Solar named as partner for 5MW power plant in Florida
  211. ersol Thin Film expands its product range with innovative
  212. Centrosolar Group AG: Solar cell manufacturer Itarion to continue business operations
  213. Solar-cell method punted as new-energy breakthrough
  214. More California commercial sites add solar PV power systems
  215. Barack Obama effect: Solar power firms hope to profit from struggle with climate chan
  216. TEPCO plans to build 10MW solar power plant in Japan
  217. Solar energy startup companies raked in venture capital investments in 2008
  218. Senate panel OKs alternative energy tax breaks
  219. Berlin: Germany is seeking more influence over the global energy supply
  220. Shikoku Elec to boost solar power capacity by 4 MW
  221. California to use more solar power: governor
  222. geneva forum for sustainable investment 2009
  223. Oregon Set to Lead Nation in Solar, Photovoltaic Production
  224. SunPower profit leaps on rising solar panel sales
  225. Pioneer Facility Uses Solar Power to Produce Clean, Renewable Energy
  226. 3M targets technology capabilities at solar under new renewable energy division
  227. Europe dominates PV manufacturing business
  228. Lease Your Roof for the Solar Energy Revolution
  229. aleo solar brings total European contract volume to over 50MW
  230. Solar panel installations in California through the roof in '08
  231. Timex Group Flips the Switch on Solar Array: One of the Largest Ground-Mounted System
  232. REC ASA - Moses Lake "Plant III" start-up schedule
  233. Spark Solar Seeks Investors for Solar Cell Manufacturing Plant
  234. llinois solar firm SmartSpark moves to Austin
  235. New Jersey Utility Plans Major Solar Project
  236. ICP Solar and OutBack Power Systems Team Up for Remote Energy Applications
  237. Integration anticipated in China's solar PV sector
  238. How green energy beats red ink
  239. Spire Selected to Provide Advanced Solar Simulator to TÜV Rheinland PTL, LLC
  240. Novel optical lithography concept helps Solar efficiency
  241. California utility in big solar thermal deal
  242. The US Solar Photovoltaic Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2013
  243. EU okays funding for German solar projects
  244. Stimulus To Fund Renewables, Energy Efficiency, Grid
  245. IEC approves Arava company's proposal for world's largest photovoltaic field
  246. Sanyo to expand solar production as market warms
  247. Oncor to offer rebate for solar panel installation to homeowners, businesses
  248. Photovoltaic Test Winner SolarWorld
  249. Deutsche Bank completed EUR 70 million refinancing of 4 photovoltaic power parks in M
  250. Solar air conditioning an up and coming trend at estec 2009